Its been a whirlwind and exciting last few months since we launched the new Caffè Lena History Project website. Luckily thanks to the Splinter Group’s help to outfit us with the social media tools of the century, Facebook and Twitter have stayed up to speed, and you can visit there to catch up on the latest between then and now. As for now, this space will begin to become more active beginning with these introductory words about the next few posts to come:

In a recent interview with his translator Momoko Gill, Jazz Loft Project Director Sam Stephenson asks Momoko to describe her interview experience with the JLP. She responds, “We were strangers from different ends of the globe, united by one man of the past, sharing for just one or two hours a small space within the present-day world.”

Reading this interview, I couldn’t help but think of the many Caffè Lena History Project interviews recorded over the past ten years and feel a kinship with Momoko. I’m continually amazed by the myriad threads that connect people all over the world to one stubborn, endlessly kind woman and her tiny Caffè in Saratoga Springs, New York. In the last few months, Lena’s admirers from as far away as Japan and Panama have come forward, donating archival materials and sending encouraging words to show their support for this documentary effort. It’s heartening to witness the love she shared with her community being returned through these channels.

This space will serve as a platform for sharing updates on the meeting of past and present worlds through this project. Thanks so much for your continued good wishes and support.

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